Ginger as Home Remedy for Constipation and Migraine

Ginger has been used for a long time to treat flu and cold. But, now ginger can also be used as a home remedy for constipation and migraine. When weather is cold, you can drink ginger. You can add basil, mint and a tablespoon of honey to create a special drink with special taste in your tongue.

No wonder if ginger is a must in Asian kitchens. Besides flu and cold, many people also use ginger to help treat stomach problems or food poisoning. Then, ginger is believed can heal digestion problems. Ginger can also reduce pain and inflammation. This is because ginger contains painkiller and anti-inflammation properties. Ginger also can stop prostaglandin that causes pain and inflammation in blood vessels.

To use ginger as home remedy for constipation you can make a ginger tea. You can drink ginger tea to heal migraine as well.

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